Month: December 2020

Valve has revealed its Steam “Best of 2020” lists, highlighting the best-selling and most played games on the digital storefront this year. While Valve doesn’t rank the games, meaning we don’t know what the overall best selling game on Steam is, nor does it include data like overall revenue, it does give a detailed peak
Katsuhiro Harada, most well known for his work on the Tekken fighting series, is heading up development for a new project at Bandai Namco that just might have the highest development budget in the company’s history.  Harata, who currently serves as general manager, director, and producer, for Bandai Namco, recently hinted at the new project
This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following content: Demos: Rev up Your Engines for Some Nitro-Fueled Fun – Join Crash Bandicoot in the driver’s seat once again for a Game Trial of the fully remastered Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled game, available in Nintendo eShop. Until Jan. 5, 2021, Nintendo Switch Online members will be able to take the
Cyberpunk 2077 will begin receiving free DLC early next year, as discovered by a new update to the game’s official website.  While no details were given, including specific release dates or what the DLC would entail, the official Cyberpunk 2077 website has been updated with the news. The page can be seen here at the
NieR: Automata director, Yoko Taro, and producer, Yosuke Saito, have revealed that they’re working on two new projects together. The duo shared this news during the ‘Games Industry Chit-Chat 2020 Year-End Party’ live stream. According to Gematsu’s translation of the conversation, Taro contacted Saito with a proposal for a new game about a year ago. However, Saito wasn’t
Despite the rest of 2020, the past 12 months have been rich with immersive video game worlds, inspiring characters, compelling gameplay mechanics, and fantastic soundtracks. You’ve already told us what your highlights are. Now leading developers in the industry share their personal PlayStation picks from the class of 2020*. Call of Duty: Warzone Play Video
There is something about seeing a world covered in snow, where you are lost underground in the darkness with creatures trying to kill you, that makes you feel glad that you are in your warm living room watching the story unfold in comfort, all with a brandy by your side. That is the same feeling
An official CD Projekt RED webpage dedicated to Cyberpunk 2077‘s free downloadable content has gone live (thanks, DualShockers), confirming a release window of “early 2021.” No further details have been made available but the confirmation of the aforementioned release window comes at an interesting time. CDPR has been scrambling to respond to accusations that it
[embedded content] If you play Apex Legends, then you know Pathfinder. He’s a high-mobility character with incredibly cheery voice lines. Even when he obliterates entire teams, it’s hard to get mad at the lovable oaf. Despite being one of the game’s most popular personalities, Respawn has never released an official backstory description for him. Based