Call of Duty Warzone DMR Nerf is Live, Raven Brings a Few Overpowered Weapons Down a Peg

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Apparently “soon” meant not having to wait long at all. Less than 24 hours after announcing that a few of Call of Duty Warzone’s most troublesome weapons would be getting balanced, Raven tweeted out that the Warzone DMR nerf was going live, with details for each.

Call of Duty Warzone DMR Nerf

Both the DMR 14 and Type 63 tactical rifles received the same nerf, reducing the headshot damage they do and upping the recoil on each shot. This should help these be a little less overtly deadly, as well as reduce their efficacy as pseudo-snipers. It should also allow other weapons to meaningfully compete in various engagements. Curiously, Raven makes no mention here of the ongoing issue with scope glint (or the lack thereof), but for the time being, these nerfs should be a good start to rebalancing the Warzone meta.

The deadly Mac-10 SMG was excellent at close to mid-range engagements because of a powerful headshot multiplier, which has been brought down. Precision won’t be as key to using the Mac-10 anymore, but it will also allow other weapons to counter it in those close-quarters spaces.

And finally, the Dual Pistols (Diamattis) got increased bullet spread, as well as pulling the damage range back. Wildly mashing the triggers to dole out two guns worth of justice will no longer be a reliable method of handling engagements.

It’s important to note that these changes are strictly in Call of Duty Warzone. The guns remain unchanged in Black Ops Cold War for now. Treyarch hasn’t made any statements about upcoming balance changes for multiplayer.

Treyarch did note yesterday that playlist updates are moving to Thursdays now, and this includes Warzone. Raven responded to Treyarch’s original tweet with confirmation, as well as the new playlists that will be going live tomorrow.

Plunder Quads is heading to Verdansk, while Rebirth Island will get Mini Royale Duos and the return of Resurgence Trios. This weekend will be the perfect time to drop back in; with the game’s most overpowered weapons now cut down to size, it should make for a less frustrating experience always dying to the same few weapons again and again.

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