Developer Clever Beans and publisher Deep Silver have announced that their upcoming dark fantasy action game, Gods Will Fall, is now available to preorder. Preorder bonuses and a ‘Valiant Edition’ were also detailed. Those who preorder the standard edition will receive Hunter’s Head Gear. Preordering the Valiant Edition will grant you access to Valley of the Dormant
After Madden NFL 21 brought minimal updates to franchise mode at launch, the community pounded on the studio’s digital door, demanding more meaningful updates to the popular mode. The studio promised to “fix franchise” as its community requested, with the first update hitting last November. That initial update added things like X-Factor and Superstar ability customization, revamped player
This year has brought different developments into our standard step by step plan. The COVID-19 pandemic has obliged us to truly segregate ourselves however much as could be typical, while covers and other general thriving assessments stay set up in the rest of the world. The measure of COVID-19 cases are ascending in Canada and
In the most recent salvo of a near two-decade support battle among Microsoft and Sony, both Sony’s Playstation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series S/X were dispatched seven days back. With broadened spending on videogames taking into account progressing bind and travel limitations, the dispatches have been depicted as obviously fundamental. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer
Suikoden creator Yoshitaka Murayama has said that although he’s focusing on the upcoming Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, he would be open to working on a new Suikoden game should the opportunity present itself. The IP is currently owned by Konami, and hasn’t seen a new release since 2012’s PlayStation Portable title, Genso Suikoden: Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki. Speaking
First announced at China Hero Project 2019, futuristic action-adventure ANNO: Mutationem has been delayed to Q3 2021. The game was originally set for release in December 2020. Publisher Lightning Games and developer ThinkingStars penned a letter apologizing for the delay, and revealed that ANNO: Mutationem is now in development for the PlayStation 5 as well. According
IO Interactive‘s Chief Executive Officer and Co-Owner, Hakan Abrak, has opened up about the studio’s amicable split with publisher Square Enix, which saw the developer retain rights to the Hitman franchise. In an interview with Game Informer, Abrak revealed that Square Enix “lost faith” in the franchise following “historically low” sales, thanks in part to Hitman‘s