A new update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been rolled out. Most notably it adds a new (and smaller) version of the Battlefield stage. There are also some online adjustments and more general fixes to make the experience more enjoyable. 突然ですが『スマブラSP』に、”小戦場”を追加しました!競技シーンでは主流の対戦である1on1をするには、戦場だとちと広い。終点だとちと物足りない。そんな見解から、足場を2枚に調整したステージになります。— 桜井 政博 (@Sora_Sakurai) August 5, 2020 【新ステージ:小戦場】新ステージ「小戦場」が登場!空中の足場は2か所。戦場より少し内側寄りになっており、1on1でのバトルに最適なステージです。※優先ルールにも「小戦場のみ」を追加しました。#スマブラSP— 大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ【スマブラ公式】 (@SmashBrosJP) August 5,
Sony PlayStation Now deals View Similar Amazon US PlayStation Now (often referred to as PS Now) has come a long way – from rather sketchy beginnings – and is now one of the best gaming subscription services around.  Back in 2012, Sony bought the then-barely-known cloud gaming service, GaiKai, for a cool $380 million (£242
Wargroove owners on Nintendo Switch can now play alongside PlayStation 4 owners as Sony has given the green light for cross-play in the well-received tactical game. Previously, Nintendo Switch owners could play alongside Xbox One and PC players, but not with PlayStation 4 owners. This new addition will come as part of the huge Double
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The first few minutes of Heroes of Hammerwatch give a surprisingly accurate representation of the entire experience. As you look through the multitude of classes, multiple customization options and somewhat overwhelming overworld, it instils both a sense of dread and intrigue. Heroes of Hammerwatch – Ultimate Edition can be a little daunting, but there is
Mondays are for hoping your new graphics card arrives, seen as your old one got burgled last week. I’m fine! It’s fine! Burglar: caught. Videogames: written about. Here’s the best writing from the last week. For UpperCut, Grace Curtis spoiled Life Sim games forever. She’s managed to describe the listlessness that crept into my Stardew
In July, Ubisoft announced a series of structural changes to the company amid allegations of sexual harassment and other forms of impropriety. While the likes of Editorial Vice President Maxime Béland resigned, Ubisoft suspended Tommy François, another Editorial VP. The publisher has since confirmed that François recently departed the company, however. Accusations of misconduct sat at
Fae Tactics is out on Steam now, and it has a spiffy new launch trailer that zooms through many of the game’s features. Fae Tactics is a “Final Fantasy Tactics-like” which is sort of a subgenre of the greater strategy RPG landscape. While not a strict adherent like Fell Seal: Arbiters Mark, there’s a lot